Score Editor Guitar Staff Display

I’m creating a score for a classical guitar piece from a midi track that I’ve written.

When I open the score editor the note timings are displayed wrong. Ie my middle parts are quavers, the bass minims. Cubase displays the bass note as a succession of tied quavers instead of a minim.

So I divided my midi track into 3 separate midi parts, and now it displays with correct note lengths on three separate staves. I now need to convert these to one single treble clef stave ie guitar notation, but there doesn’t appear to be an option for this.

You probably want to set up polyphonic voices.

I would keep it all in one midi track but use different midi channles for each voice.

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Thanks, but there doesn’t appear to be an option there to export to a single treble clef stave as used in guitar scores, its giving me a treble and a bass clef as in a piano score.

Untick voices 5 and 6. Use only voices 1 to 4. That should give you single staff.

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Thanks for the quick reply. That’s still not working I’m afraid. I’ve selected Merge Staffs, then Polyphonic with 4 voices ticked, numbered 1 to 4. I’m still seeing my three midi tracks as separate treble staffs. If I combine the MIDI tracks into one I’m back to seeing my dotted minims as 6 tied quavers.

Correction! In fact it has worked. But Cubase handles this by creating a new MIDI file, and this is at the bottom of the arrange window out of sight! I only just saw it. Thanks for your help misohaza.