Score Editor - handling manual rest symbols

How do you add rest symbols that don’t affect playback?
There is a section on the manual called “Handling rests” that states you can add “rest symbols” which are just graphical and don’t affect playback.

How do you create those?

Here is a copy/paste from the manual. Notice the last step. It’s stated that you can add those rests, but they don’t explain how to do it.

With polyphonic voices, you often get more rest symbols than desired.
●If a voice does not need any rests at all, you can deactivate rests separately for this voice on the Polyphonic tab of the Staff page in the Score Settings dialog.
●If you only need rests from one voice on a staff, activate Rests–Center for that voice (this is done in the same dialog). If two or more voices have rests, deactivate Rests–Center. The program then automatically makes sure the rests do not “collide” in the score, by adjusting their vertical position.
●To hide rests in empty bars, you can open the “Reduce Rests” pop-up menu and select “All”. If you only want whole rests to be hidden, select “Whole rests only”.
●You can use the Hide feature to remove individual superfluous rests from the score.
●You can use the Object Selection tool to manually move rests up/down or sideways.
●If needed, you can add “rest symbols” (rests that do not affect the playback data in any way) by using the symbols.

In the Other palette use the three dots button to insert additional symbols.
See attached picture.