SCORE EDITOR: How do you print parts?

I can’t find in the manual how to print MIDI Parts from the Score Editor.

Is this not possible?

The Score Editor has its own manual.

Okay, I did a search on google to find that manual. This is what I got back.

Could you give me a link to the correct manual?

It’s on the same web page as the the Nuendo manual online, and can be accessed the same way as the the Nuendo manual– via the Help menu in Nuendo 8.

To directly answer the printing question. For me, I just save the scores as PDFs and then print the PDFs.

Currently, I’m exporting the MIDI File To Finale and printing the parts that way. But I was looking to avoid opening yet another application. I thought I’d be able to do all of this DIRECTLY from Nuendo. The learning curve is is VERY STEEP on this score editor. But I figured it might be worth the effort, since it was basically Dorico. Then, I could decide if that was enough or if I should get the entire app for developing printed scores. Right now, Finale is looking great!

The score editor is nothing like Dorico. Like…not related or similar in any way. Dorico is pretty good. Hopefully they will continue to do deeper integration with Nuendo and Cubase moving forward. For now, the XML export from Nuendo/Cubase an then open in Dorico works pretty well.

If you just need scores done quickly then using the built in score editor works fine. If you need the scores to look nice, then I recommend checking out Dorico (or continuing to use Finale).

But even to get a quick sheet from score editor, I need to know HOW to get it to print. That’s my current problem. Can you talk me through it?

With the score editor open, you just go to File -> Print.

Thanks! :wink: