Score editor improvement - Lyrics track

I never use the Score editor but I´ve found that it can be used as a lyrics track that so many users have been requesting, unfortunately it´s so rudimentary,
It should need some pretty basic improvements to be more flexible (not only for lyrics usage)
1- Be able to set a track´s Editor as Score editor and leave all other midi tracks as Key editor.
2- Open the Score editor always in lower zone if desired ( unbelievable that I can´t do that)
3- Be able to set default font settings for text insertion
4 - Show bar numbers and be able to hide Staff and just see text (this is for using a track as lyrics track exclusively)

Maybe there is a way to do what I´m suggesting but I haven´t been able to guess how


Open the Score Editor of the given track and use the Key Editor for the other tracks.

You can do this. What do you do exactly that it doesn’t work for you?

I’m sorry, I’m not sure about this and I’m not with Cubase at this moment. You can’t do this in the Preferences?

You can show/hide any object in the Score Editor, do you can do this.

hi Martin,

When I open Score editor all midi tracks show Score editor in lower zone Editor tab, then if I change a track to Key editor all tracks change to Key editor.

Seem to be working ok, don´t know why I couldn´t do it before.

no, I can create a custom font set and apply it to every phrase but not set it as default.

well…I could hide the lines, that´s all, could not show bar numbers.


The philosophy is the opposite. You don’t open an editor for a track (in Cubase it’s the MIDI Part in fact). You open an editor and show the data of the given MIDI Part in it.

So the way is to select the MIDI Part and open/call the editor of your choice. Luckily, you can assign individual Key Command to every editor.

ok, that works.
Anyway it would be much more useful to be able to set a track or midi part to the desired Editor and every time that part is selected we get the correct editor.