score editor in cubase

I originally bought cubase many years ago because it had a good notation feature. That was the only reason I bought the full version of cubase. Since then there have been very few enhancements to this feature. With the release of Dorico ( which is somewhat connected to Steinberg yet runs on a different website and has no cubase integration) I have lost faith that and new score editing features are coming.

Will there be any integration of dorico or future improvements to the cubase notation?

There was a response of ‘more coming soon’ from SB, to a similar enquiry/complaint, soon after C10’s release…

I wonder if it might be too difficult to integrate Dorico and Cubase closely enough as separate programs, and that is part of the reason it hasn’t been done yet.

I personally would love it if Steinberg were to yank out Cubase’s score editor (which is pretty terrible) and replace it with a “Dorico-lite”, using the Dorico engine to autoformat the score like DP’s QuickScribe. Keep one feature from Cubase score editor, the Display Quantize feature, but only as an override if the auto formatting fails.

The idea would be to make the workflow in Cubase better but make the scoring engine not full-featured enough that people would only buy Cubase and not bother with Dorico.

Dorico already has a Cubase-lite in it in the form of the Play view with the piano roll with CC editors. It only would make sense to me for Cubase to include a Dorico-lite.

Dorico Pro costs over $800 Canadian and doesn’t have guitar tab. I wish Steinberg would give up on this and focus on Cubase