score editor issue monitoring selecteed notes

I mostly use score editor on my 9,5 Cubase. As opposed to previous versions of Cubase the 9,5 gives me just some shortened versions of the note when monitoring a selected note, not the real note. Sometimes it doesn’t produce any sound at all. Recently I upgraded to 9,5,30 and received a new issue in score editor. When I select or move any note it starts sounding endlessly. I should select the not again in order to stop te sound. If I move a not all the positions thet it goes through start sounding allthough there is no longer any note on these positions.
Can anybody tell me how caould I get just the normal monitoring when I select a note as it used to be on the older versions (Cubase 5 for example)
Thanks in advance!


I can’t reproduce it in Cubase 9.5.30 on my Mac. The short note is audible, as expected.

Try to trigger MIDI > Reset. Does it help? If not, could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

Thanks a lot Martin!
MIDI>Reset works! The sound stops. But anyway it is rather annoying. Can I not get rid of it?
And also I don’t know how could I run Cubase Safe Start Mode?


Please use any search engine (Google, here on the forum or in the manual).

Start Cubase and hold down Ctrl+Alt+Shift.

THank you Martin!
By the way, I don’t understand what you mean:“use any search engine (Google, here on the forum or in the manual)”?
To use it for what?

To find, how to run Cubase in Safe Start Mode. :wink: