Score Editor: Layout tool does not work anymore!


I tried the layout tool with a small piano score.

The layout tool does not work ( neither move notes, nor the context). Please see the attachment!

What is going on?


To make it working, you have to be in the Page Mode, if I’m right.

In the previous version, you could select the Layout/Move Single Objet tool when you were not in the Page Mode. Now you can choose the tool, what might be confusing.

yes! When you are not in the page mode, it should not allow that.

the easiest way ( with no programming), would be to label them with “Page mode”. For instance when user hover over the ‘hand’ or layout tool, it show "Layout (Page mode only). I had another issue for “showing staff name to the left”, apparently that only works in Page mode as well. However, Cubase gave me no feedback/mention of Page mode only.

Thank you.


I reported it as a bug that you can select this tool in the non-page mode, now.