Score editor: Layout tool not working...

(Using Cubase 8.0.35 - win7 64-bit)

Recently, I’ve gotten into using the score editor. Up until this little issue everything’s been okay.

So when I’m in the score editor and I right-click to open up my mini-toolbar, I simply cannot select the layout tool or the “select-export-range” tool. All the other tools work once selected.

I also tried using the static toolbar inside the score editor window itself, as well as selecting the layout tool from the ctrl+right-click context menu. Nothing seems to work. I just select it, the icon flashes for a millisecond, and the score editor re-highlights the previously selected tool. I have a feeling I’m missing something obvious… but I can’t figure it out. I watched a quick tutorial where the layout tool was demonstrated but when I try it myself it just doesn’t want to work…

Anyone? :ugeek:

Are you sure that you are in Page mode and not Edit mode?

How did I not notice that? :laughing:

For anyone reading this, go to the “scores” dropdown in the main Cubase toolbar and click “Page Mode”. Alternatively, in the score editor: ctrl+rightclick >> scores >> page mode.

I’m multi-posting because this is sort of a separate follow-up question…

When I’m in page mode, I don’t even need the layout tool to move things around absolutely. What does the layout tool actually do? I can’t find a good page on it in the operation manual.

You almost answered your own question :wink:… It doesn’t move things around absolutely (i.e. actually moving the MIDI data), it just moves them graphically, so you can customize the … layout :wink:.
If you enter “layout tool” into the pdf document search field (including the quote marks), you do get lots of info on it :wink:.

Okay, now it makes sense. Did a bit more further reading of the manual as well and that helps. While we’re at it, do you know of a way to set a static width for a bar/bars (in inches, cm, etc…) in page mode? Or do I just have to use the mouse and drag?

Not sure I understand what you are asking there…
What would happen if, for example, you set this proposed parameter to “2.25 inches”, with the result that you got three and a half bars across a page??
Page width is governed by Page Setup (and its Page Margins), and then you can set a default number of bars across the visible page (Scores menu>Advanced Layout).

Whenever I drag a bar separator in page mode, all the notes within the corresponding bar expand or contract to fit the bar’s width. I think you’re probably right. At the moment I’m not able to test it, but would changing the page setup options mentioned above give each bar the same width? Having 4 bars per line doesn’t necessarily mean that each bar has the same width on the page.

An alternative explanation: Sort of how in the key editor’s piano roll, each bar is the same width regardless of how many MIDI notes are within the bars. I just find it a bit more readable.

I’m not sure if it will give you exactly what you want, but you could try Score Settings>Layout>“Equal Spacing”.