Score Editor Linear View

Hi I would like to know if it is possible to view the score editor in a continuous linear horizontal view, so the measures doesn’t cut at the end of the page to start again on the bottom, but are viewable by scrolling horizontally so it can be easy to compose with the score editor viewing everything continuously. If yes, how is it possible?

Thank you

Yes, you are describing the Score Editor in Edit Mode, as opposed to Page Mode. It’s a checkmark on the Scores menu. You can stretch the window wide and the score will scale. (In other words, turn off Page Mode.)

You can control the default number or bars shown per line with the preference at
Preferences>Scores>Editing, ‘Default Number of Bars per Staff’

Thanks a lot!!!

Thanks for that - I am a new user of C7.5 and was wondering about Linear horizontal view myself.

It does not work. The maximum number of bars it can display horizontally in one line is only 20 but it shows in one page. It still does not allow you to scroll horizontally. Even after switching off the edit view. I am using Cubase 7. Please help.

Horizontal scrolling in Score Edit is done

  • by using the scroll bar
  • by using the transport controls
  • or the step bar and step back bar key commands.

There are probably other ways too.

Of course, you have to make the veritical size of the window short enough so only the staff system(s) you want displayed are showing.

In that case, how do you display 4 bars at one time and to see the 5th and beyond bar you need to scoll to the right? Say I don’t want the 5th bar or beyond to be displayed in the next line.

I am currently in the score page. There is only one staf with scores on it. There are 12 bars of gibberish notes i just did. I want to display only 4 bars at once and I allowed to view the 5th bar an beyond by scrolling horizontally to the next screen. How do i do that? I don’t want to see all the bars in one page.

If you shorten the Score window, such that you see only one staff, then it will scroll horizontally.