Score Editor Mouse Time Position readout bug

I was doing some work in the Sore Editor and noticed a really weird bug with the Mouse Time Position readout…:

If I create or record a MIDI part and open it in the Score Editor, then rather than seeing the Mouse Time Position readout in bars&beats format, I will get something that looks more like an miuntes&seconds reading, but not one that makes any sense. For example, in the attached image the mouse cursor is at the beginning of the 2nd bar, but the Mouse Time Position reads “48:00.000”.

I then stumbled upon a workaround: If you make sure you’ve opened the part in the Key Editor at least once before opening it in the Score Editor, then the Mouse Time Position will be displayed correctly.

System is MacPro running macOS 10.13; Cubase version is 10.5.11. Problem is also be present in Cubase 10 and Nuendo 10, but I haven’t investigated with earlier versions to see if it’s there too.

Hope this helps someone, and perhaps Steinberg may pick up on this and sort out a fix.


How is your main ruler set, please? Is it see to Bars and Beats? Do you use any time offset in the Project Setup?

Thanks for your response, and sorry not to have seen it sooner. The timeline was set to bars and beats, and I wasn’t using any time offset.

What I have noticed since is that the suggested workaround that I mentioned doesn’t work every time.