Score Editor: Moving Non-Highest Pitch to Lower staff


I have a music idea that I play it on my keyboard. My melody is monotonic and the accompaniment can is more or less chordal.

  1. After recording it into cubase, I open the score editor, set staff mode to polyphonic in score setting and then set top staff to channel 1 and the lower staff to channel 2.

Some times the left hand plays a single note and if it has more than 1 note, when I play the chord ( or 2 notes) with my left hand the timing of the notes and also their length are note exactly the same.

I tried to write a preset, but the it seems it gives me the parameter of “Highest pitch” which corresponds to the highest pitch of the selected midi notes. Not the highest note of each chord!

Is that possible to move none melody notes to the lower staff automatically say using Logical editor?

Here is a pseudocode for what I’d like to achieve.

# lets assume midi track created by dragging chord track into it
# This way we have perfect length and timing!
for each chord C:
	NHP :=the set of all the non-highest pitches in the chord C
	Set the channel of the notes in NHP := 2

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try this:

I just checked this thread and there is a hint there that I will use it below.

The following workflow works if the midi notes are dropped from a chord track! I test it out. If you record midi on piano keyboard, it does not work. In other words is not intelligent, I suppose.

  1. Make the staff polyphony with top staff ch1 and bottom staff ch2
  2. Explode with these setting: To Polyphonic voices, and only Lines to Tracks
  3. Write a LE preset to move notes that are on channel 2 or large to be moved to channel 2

But this does get the job if the notes our perfectly in line and sync with each other.
It seems logic Pro has a function that could help us with this. I hope someone has put a feature request for this.

Maybe pro cubase users can jump in and help us out.

Thank you for your time.

Why do you go in all directions?
You need to be methodical.
Did you try my suggestion?

My solution is not perfect and probably not the best, but it’s one step procedure with a single click and it’s worth a try.
This is just an idea, to be completed if necessary, depending on your needs.
You need to set your staff to polyphonic with channels 1/2 for the upper staff and 3/4 for the lower staff.
Here is an improved Logical Editor preset:

Thank you, TheMaestro. Unfortunately, It does not work on my end for my MIDI.

I’m afraid It will never work as you expect!

My LE preset detach highest note of every “properly played” chord and move the rest to the lower staff, and it does work. If it doesn’t for you, either you didn’t build the preset correctly, or you didn’t configure your staff correctly, or you didn’t played well enough the chords for their detection.
It would have been helpful if you had precisely explained what you did and what were the results?

Besides, I don’t see how it would be possible to make Cubase automatically separate the melody from the chords in a played sequence. It is also tied to the way the program detects chords.
Probably an A.I. would do the job :wink:

Your best bet is still the Split mode in Score Editor.