Score Editor: Not gluing Triplet to Quarter Note correctly.


When I glue a triplet eighth note to a quarter note, it converts the quarter tone to half note! Please see

the animation file.

What is going on please?

Any help would be appreciated it!


It would appear that the FIRST set of 8ths are not being counted as a TRIPLET. The value seems to add up to 8/8 or 4/4 with what it is doing there? Weird!!

Score Settings quantization is probably wrong.

edit: nope. Looks like a program error. I tried various settings with display quantize, and it only produced that weird half note whose value is really 4 8th note triplets.

This is a case where the algorithm thinks it’s doing something smart.

The values DO add up (3rd and 4th beat are made into a triplet of quarters= 1 half. Then the first quarter of the triplet is rendered as two eighths, and the remaining 4 eighths comprise the second and third quarters of the triplet)

The question is, why is this preffered by the algorithm, no one thinks that’s easier to read than the tied version.

Little things like that make me not give a chance to cubase’s score editor, I fear. When I write something in a way, it’s because I want it written in that way. Stem groupings, ties, all have a purpose. I don’ t like things changed automatically.

Yes there is an issue here.

But fortunately there are two methods for inserting tuplets and the second one does not have the same problem:
1- using the tool bar with the “T” button
2- using the Build N-Tuplets function

The “T” method is somewhat buggy. It creates a Display Quantize invisible to the user until you change the Display Quantize manually in the score. Until now, no problem.

But I think I found a bigger bug: if you change Display Quantize anywhere in the projet, it is not possible to use this function anymore without restarting Cubase.
To be confirmed (in the case I’m missing something)

I always use the second method, that’s why I’ve not been much annoyed by the issue.

I made some GIFs to help you if needed.

Problem here is, that the scores try to support the display of half note triplets in general. The rule that is applyed to allow that feature, “hit” in that specific case in an unexpected way. Perhaps I can try to find some “fine-tuning” here.

Great, TheMaestro. I think that should give developers more insight to the problem.