Score Editor not opening layout and much more fail!

Hello yet again!
I’ve used Cubase for very long, and the Score Editor just keeps getting worse…

What is wrong with it in general? is Steinberg going to fix it in the future? or is it one of those things that you guys want to “phase out”?
I’d like to be able to tell you why it doesn’t work, but I can’t predict most of the odd behavior.
Years ago, I made this thread:
… and non of the problems has been either addressed or fixed.

6.0.2 Build 291 (32 bits)
Windows 7 Ultimate SP 1 x64

Quite a lot of stuff, I haven’t had the time to check carefully the post, but I want you to know that there are lots of people using the Score Editor wishing for improvements like you, and I have been doing suggestions myself lately. Looks like Steinberg is moving towards this, let’s give them a chance.

Well… I haven’t lost faith since I posted that thread in the old forum!
But very little has happened with the Score Editor since then. It looks almost exactly as it did in Cubase 4 and when I bought 6 I was hoping it would have the Editor updated because of “note expression” functionality… but no.
Not even a way of importing XML symbols or even diagonal lines! (for glissando for example)
I used to be able to use the layout tool to move staffs on a layout, now I click and it works like a selector(???). That wouldn’t annoy me so much if every page of one layout didn’t autoformat itself in very random ways and I can’t move any one of them to tidy them up!

:confused: come on! :slight_smile:

Here is a huge list of symbols, they don’t have to do much in Cubase, but they are musical symbols.

There’s a little love to be found in the upcoming 6.0.3 update for you…
(item 14 in the list of Issues Resolved in 6.0.3)

Steinberg is listening to feedback, at least two issues I’ve posted recently are in the fix list, so try to repost your issues with steps to describe the problems. Don’t lose your faith :wink:

I think I skipped exactly that part of the pre-announcement, thank you!
I’ll do a bug list with everything, but I still think the Score Editor requires a serious update, and the old thread I made still has some stuff that might be very usefull in the editor.

Thank you :slight_smile:

No, don’t worry, you’d skipped nothing - Helge had only fully updated his original post today, with the complete run down of 6.0.3.contents; the bits about ScoreEditor were not included there before…!

[EDIT] of course, you may know about some of these already:-

I was actually a bit upset that 6.0.3 had no Score Editor updates listed, so good thing it has been updated! :smiley:
Ok, I’ll wait and try that one out.

Wow. These threads are really old! I’ll read through them anyways.
Thank you :slight_smile:

How are you using the Score? Transcribing from following existing audio tracks to use for band performance etc?
And, just a little supposition on my part, are you or anyone else with other problems not answered by the forthcoming update using an onboard graphics card (maybe on a laptop, say) or a very basic graphics card?

I know that on the face or it any old card will or should do but some take their memory from the onboard ram which I suspect could cause some dropouts or other strange behaviour.
Please bear with me I do have a purpose in mind.

Well actually no, I have an evga GTX 280.

I write everything inside the sequencer using midi keyboards, I rarely transcribe band performance.
This is my new Soundcloud account every track there and some others I have I’ve written inside Cubase, and all of them have a music score (including the really noise ones).

I think this is very much impossible. Onboard vga cards “share” memory, but they do it via the BIOS of the computer, memory is assigned even before the operating system is loaded and it would have no access to it. At least that is what I (think) I know. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up, now I got something to go on.

On graphics cards. Depends if they are integrated, which take memory from the main ram or dedicated which exclusively use their own.
And doesn’t matter if it’s done before the BIOS is set up or after, the laws of physics still apply.

Well if you are thinking about that kind of problem I have no idea. All I want is for my Layout Tool to work as it did and more musical symbols. =D

Not sure about the layout tools, the function may be changed but if it’s like the musical symbols then the accessibility may have changed. You should have more than enough symbols.
Do you see an “Inspector” like set of pop-up boxes to the left of the Score screen?
Initial access to some things in C6 can be hard to find at first as the way they are accessed is different. More like the other Editor windows. Everything selected from tabs to the left of the screen.
You may also need to open the info bar and / or the toolbar to see more functions.
It does take a little getting used to at first with C6.

I need to do work myself now so I’ll check a couple of things and see if I can help more. I’m not sure that any new features about the layout are dealt with in the manual but I’ll see if I can check that for you as well.
May or may not be updated in the English manual but not sure about Portuguese / Spanish versions at all.
Could be confusing if it isn’t.

Thank you for the info but I’ve used the Score Editor since Cubase 4, past C5 to 6 and know it almost by heart. I’ve also read the manual and everything, so I mostly mention stuff that seems really out of place or simply very wrong. Since the Score Editor hasn’t changed much since C4 it’s not difficult to find those details, because these tend to destroy my work flow. Although I’m not sure when something was changed on purpose like the Layout Tool or if it is simply a bug, but the manual makes no mention of such changes.

Yes there are many symbols in the Score Editor, but that may not really be the problem. Most of the standard musical symbols are very limited in their own ways, graphic lines can only be drawn horizontally or vertically which is of no use for gliss, for example. This type of scoring would requires more subtlety. Any of these symbols don’t really have to do anything other than “be graphics” for the score. And don’t even get me started on the “custom symbols”.

Well that is why I had made the old thread back in Cubase 4!!! (Almost 3 years ago)
I really support improving Cubase, I like it very much. =D

May or may not be updated in the English manual but not sure about Portuguese / Spanish versions at all.
Could be confusing if it isn’t.

That… I agree! xD

maybe I misunderstand you, but…
(If I remember correctly, I did that in Cubase 4)

Well that is why I was saying “graphic lines” and not just lines. You can draw straight lines in any angle Cubase, I know that, but not the “graphic lines” that are in the Line / Trill menu, like the one I’ve attached.
Of course, it depends on how you are going to use them and in the end I did exactly what you did, but it may or may not be correct at times. Also, the User Symbols also allows you to use other symbols but it doesnt allow to rotate besides Flip -90 o Flip +90, so I couldn’t use that one.

I’ve used all the workarounds I’ve been able to find anyways.
I think I’ll just wait for any formal announcement, but thank you. :wink: