Score Editor: option to disable the cursor on playback (only in the Score Editor)

I want an option to disable the cursor (or make it invisible) on playback. I think this is not very “healthy” for a musician (i.e to always count on the cursor). Also, sometimes the cursor is not smooth, and if Cubase is set to start “in low resolution” (on a MacBook Pro), it disappears for short periods of time… Thanks for reading this.


In the Preferences > Transport, you can set the Cursor Width. That’s all you can do, as far as I know.

Thanks, but there’s one more thing. It turns out that you can disable the cursor entirely in the Preferences > Scores > Editing > Show Position Cursor (enable / disable), but this doesn’t solve my issue, because, I need the cursor when nothing is played back. It would’ve been nice to have an option called “Don’t Show Position Cursor in Playback”…


Then you could make Macros

  • Hide the Cursor + Start playback
  • Stop playback + Show the Cursor.
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What is your purpose of insisting on posting Score Editor related questions in any other place excepted the dedicated Cubase scoring forum?!

Thank you Martin. You’re the best!
TheMaestro, I’m so sorry! Please, can we move this post there? I accidentally posted where I shouldn’t have… My mistake!