Score editor plus page mode yields balderdash

I’m trying to print a piano part from the score editor. I understand I need to click to page mode with the editor open. But when I do, it no longer shows the whole part and the notes are all jumbled up. What am I doing wrong?

edit: the part is still all there, but when page mode is enabled it collapses the score into a smaller space I suppose. It’s kinda hard to read.


Make a Score Settings. Maybe too many beers on one line is set.

Could you share a screenshot? Then it’s easier to find what owner could cause it on your side.

That could indeed be the source of many possible problems! :laughing: (I’m guessing Martin’s auto-corrector must have had a few too many also :wink:… I’m sure it was supposed to be “too many bars:wink: )

Seriously though, in addition to setting the Auto Layout, in Score Settings, you should also verify that your printer setup settings aren’t corrupt (typically, use A4 :wink: )

Hopefully that will help. One other thing - how do I tell the score editor what key signature to use?

Basically this project started life as all audio, and eventually I added some midi. It was recorded to a click, but I let the drummer’s performance breathe and recorded everything else adapting to that. Basically I need to learn this little piano bit I played a few years ago so I can go to a studio and play it on a killer bosendorfer to replace the Ivory vst sound. If I can read the notes, I can deal with the timing by ear.

There is actually some guitar in this project that I recorded under the influence of a glass of wine. It’s improvised and actually usable. First time ever for me. Generally alcohol has a deleterious impact on my music making ability.

Sometimes I think whoever was responsible for coding the external effect implementation in Cubase had too many beers. :smiling_imp:

Did you try the Auto Layout function?

I’m glad my auto-correct made this thread so funny and informative. :wink: :smiley:

I don’t see anything funny in this thread! :open_mouth:

As Vic and Martin suggested, a little less beer and use Auto Layout (play with Move Bars, Move Staves and Spread Page) and you’ll see, your score will be fine.

@Martin your auto-correct works perfectly, in these situations the first thing to check is the number of beers in line.

And for key signature use Score Settings : in Staff/Main page change the key for the selected staff.

I promise, Auto Layout works better than my auto-correct. :wink: