Score Editor: Reduce Rests not working as described in manual

Score Editor: Reduce Rests not working as described in manual
from page 70:
“If you have activated “Rests–Show” for a voice, but do not want rests to be shown in empty bars, select an option from the “Reduce Rests” pop-up menu. This is especially useful for cue voices.”
Cubase 9.5.10. windows 10 1709.
I’ve got a part that’s been set to staff mode polyphonic (showing just one voice though, the first.). In this part I do not want the whole rests to show. So activated “show rests” and in the “reduce rests” dropdown selected “whole rests only”. (or the even “all” option) and applied. no rests are actually reduced.

When I set the part not to show rests, and apply: none of the rests are shown, no matter what option is selected in the reduce rests drop down.

This setting is intended to be used when you actually have multiple voices enabled in Polyphonic mode, and it’s applied to voices other than the first one in your list.

I don’t know what you’re trying to achieve but maybe I can suggest a partial workaround:
1- enable voices 1 and 2
2- uncheck Rests-Show for voice 1 and leave it checked on voice 2
3- Insert (or move) your notes into the voice 2
4- now you can set “Whole rests only” or “All” in Reduce Rests setting, and get results

The only downside with this solution is that the rests won’t be centered.

I hope this helps.

Thx Maestro, this will actually help. I always use the polyphone setting even though there’s just one voice (yet). Perhaps Steinberg could mention the ‘intended to be used’ stuff in the manual also. :slight_smile: Anyway thanks.

Use case: Writing a part for a an instrument that will play ‘chords’ most of the time, but will have to play exactly as written at some key moments in the score. Cubase should be able to ignore all those whole rests (instead of having to hide them manually, one by one). Piano, guitar. Same thing with respect to drum scoring → lot of "do your thing " bars.

Also I hate it when there’s chords from the chord track in the part (or just text) Cubase considers the bars to be empty in the multi rests context-> split everything again manually. But that’s a different story.