Score Editor: Specify what you want to copy/ Copy-Paste with Filter


Coming from Finale to Cubase, Finale includes all notes, entry items and measure items when you copy. However, by using Finale’s filter you can specify which items you would like to copy—such as chord symbols or articulations—with or without affecting the notes themselves. (To learn about selecting measure regions, see Selecting music). One can easily choose any number of entry and measure items.
source: … music7.htm

Let’s say, we have several issues Copy and pasting from one staff to other. For instance, the articulations and Expressions and clef are not always consistent for obvious reasons from one instruments to other. However, in the score, when we copy several measure say from Viola ( source) & paste it to French horn (target), the expressions and clef changes in the target and the result is not what we want.

This feature is not JUST suitable for engraver. It is very suitable for composers, it saves a lot of our time and as every composer does it many times in compositions and arrangements and often we don’t want everything to be copies exactly the same.

If we had a simple filter as in two options: “Notes Only” and “Notes and all items” ON/OFF filter, it would be great.

Is this feature available in Key editor?


You must adapt to a different paradigm. For the Key Editor Cubase provides this functionality via the Logical Editor.

For the Score editor, selection filters are built-in. Make sure all items in the Window Layout Setup menu are enabled in all editors in order to reveal the various functions, and refer to Score Layout and Printing manual.

Thank you Steve. I will check that up. That would be really nice!
I agree with you about the adapting to a different paradigm when working with different editors.

And don’t forget that you have Layers for this purpose.