Score Editor Tutorial

Hello everyone,
Does anyone know a complete and detailed training course for the Cubase score editor? It’s very frustrating, because there are very few resources on this subject (Apart from the user manual but it’s not intuitive at all…) and it’s a tool that seems so practical to use, especially when we have midi tracks available. If anyone is used to using this editor, it would be so great if they could make a live video creating a score from A to Z. There are already existing videos, but it really remains focused on the discovery of the tool, and not on the actual use of the editor.
Thanks for reading me.

I am agree with you !!! I have the same problem !!

There are a few power users here of the Score Editor (I’m not one). Perhaps you could ask one of them if you can pay them for a training session?

PS. I would change the title to Score Editor as there is no such thing as a “Partition Editor”.

I have always relied on external programs for notation uses. I began with Finale and now use Dorico. It’s a little extra work but I think it’s worth it.