Score Editor: Unwanted edit when using TAB to change the info line fields

Not too big of an issue, but I’m posting anyway.


  1. Open any score layout.
  2. Make sure the Status Line is off (but Info Line is on).
  3. Select any notehead (only one, which we will call “note A”)
  4. Hit TAB three times.
  5. Hit the RIGHT arrow key two times (keys on your computer keyboard).
  6. Make any adjustment you want using the UP and DOWN arrow keys (keys on your computer keyboard) then hit ENTER (Return).
  7. Without deselecting the first notehead (i.e. without clicking in white space), select another one (“note B”), and press again TAB, but this time only two times.
    → Issue: “note B” moves exactly where “note A” was, and becomes the same size.

A temporary solution would be to click in white space before selecting another notehead, but clicking usually involves a mouse, unfortunately. In fact, the whole idea of using TAB to make minor adjustments is to not use a mouse.

(verified in both Cubase 10.5.20 Pro, and Cubase 11 Pro)


This is a nasty problem for me, because I’m constantly changing note length and position by using the tab and arrows keys. Please fix this issue, it’s been outstanding for a while now… since Cubase 10.5.

Wondering if this is happening for anyone else.

  1. New project, new midi track, new midi part, enter some notes in the part and open the Score Editor in a Window (not the Lower Zone)
  2. select a note in the score editor,
  3. Hit Tab button until you have navigated to the Info Line
  4. tab to the the length field, modify values with arrow buttons
  5. select some new notes
  6. Use tab to navigate to Info Line again.
  7. try to tab to the length field.

result: the second press of the tab button randomly (and weirdly) shifts the selected notes.

Anyone else??

Me also.
I’ve created a Topic in “Issues”. If it bothers you that much, you can write a “+1”.

Here’s the link:

Edit: Here is the new link:

Thanks. I added a +1.
I opened a ticket on it too, but no resolution.

Greetings @logsplitter and @alin89c
I could not find the post Alin-Teodor linked to, possibly it was lost in the migration.

I have edited the OP to be a bonafide bug report, using the format given in this post which makes it very easy for anyone to quickly reproduce precisely the steps needed to reveal the issue.

Also, I tagged it #issue

I added a new link. I hope it helps.

Now I can time travel to Roman ancient times and show off that I learned a new word :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is there any solution to this one yet?

Yes! I found one.
Just commit the changes using the escape key.
Tell me if it worked.

Is it a work around? When do you hit the escape key?
In terms of work arounds, I believe that arrowing back and forth once another note is selected commits the changes also, and prevents the second note from shifting.

I wonder why the “computer keyboard input” icon turns red (and goes “suspended”). Seems like that is part of the issue.


After you make a change in the info line (you hit escape instead of return).

Very good observation!