Score Editor - View all pages?

Hey all - I’m relatively new to Cubase here. I tried Cubase 12 and ended up going with Logic instead, but came back for the free trial of 13 Pro and ended up finding that my workflow was a little quicker despite not quite getting along with it the first time. I think I just needed that introduction into the DAW that Logic was able to provide after spending most of my life working in notation editors.

That being said, I’m now using Cubase 13 to write all of my music (orchestral, concert band, choral, etc.) and I love the workflow, but I’m trying to get myself more into the use of the score editor. That is one place which I felt I gained quite a bit of confidence in Logic, and since moving to Cubase I haven’t quite wrapped my head around it.

The score editor itself (in terms of actually making edits to the notation) is actually fairly intuitive in my opinion, although not yet quite as fluid as Dorico… but I’m having one issue which I can’t seem to get around, and its bothering me quite a bit.
In a notation program, I can see my entire score in one window. Whether I’m editing a part or engraving my score, if there are multiple pages they appear in the same window and I can easily scroll between them. What I’m finding with Cubase is that I’m not able to do so… at least the way I have it at the moment, I’m only able to see one page at a time, and I can scroll through the pages using my mouse wheel but it does not autoscroll with playback.

Ideally what I’m looking for is this - a way to view all of the pages of my score at once in a fashion similar to Dorico or other notation softwares (pictures attached for reference) or, at the very minimum, a way to enable auto-scrolling so that on playback the score will at least follow the playhead.

That being said, I love my use of Cubase 13 pro so far… it has sped up my workflow significantly in regards to composing/putting ideas on “paper”. This is just a minor hiccup. If all else fails, I can compose within Cubase and engrave within Dorico 5 pro, but ideally I would like to keep most if not all of my work inside of one program.

Side note - if anybody is aware of any resources for learning the Score Editor functionality of Cubase that are up to date (and perhaps more in depth than the Steinberg resources), that would be greatly appreciated!

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