Score Editor vs Dorico

Hello folks,

Just wondering what will happen to Cubase’s Score Editor after Dorico.

Anyone knows?

Will it remain as a separate thing, or will Dorico be integrated into Cubase for an upgrade price?

Maybe they will turn the score editor into an LE version of Dorico?

Its all speculation right now.

Nobody knows and nobody will know for a long time, so I would just get on with using either or both and stop worrying about it. :wink:


Daniel has stated that they wish to keep Cubase and Dorico as stand-alone apps, but there may be some “cross-pollination” between them. So Cubase may receive some upgraded engraving features for it’s scoring feature, and Dorico may benefit from Cubase’s audio capabilities in some way.

I hope they will add a Midi Out mode to Dorico sooner rather than later, so that e.g. a Cubase template can be controlled from Dorico in real time via internal (virtual) Midi ports. (similar to what is possible with Midi Mode in Finale.) Given that they could have bundled Dorico with Cubase Elements, I don’t understand why they chose to “reinvent the wheel” by transplanting (large parts of) the Cubendo audio engine into Dorico…

I’ve asked multiple times in the Cubase forum as I intensively use the Score Editor, and I would like to know where we all are headed and if there will be any improvements in the program in the meantime, but not one of the Steinberg representatives doesn’t even bother to give any information.

Either they themselves don’t know or don’t want us to know yet.

But I’d find curious the fact that they invested in such a big project without having any precise idea about the future of their products and their interactions.

As I requested, I think there should be an official statement.

Oh, I’m pretty sure Steinberg knows very precisely where they are heading with their products :smiley:

This doesn’t suffice?

No !

What I’d like to know is how the Score Editor will evolve in the meantime.
Will there still be any development ? There are so many improvements that could be made.

It suffices “on the Dorico side”, and I’m very happy with the reply from Daniel.

But I’d like to hear the Score Editor team on this subjet.
They’re totally silent !

Looks to me like both were addressed in that post. I will point out here that the Cubase Score editor receives some love in each large update, so I would expect that development will continue in the same manner.

This topic is about more Cubase than Dorico, so I have moved it to the Cubase Forum.

Not true.
Not a single change from 7.5 to 8.0

Since then, mainly bug fixes, no important new features. Nothing.
Correct me if I’m wrong.

So many features (some very basic) that need to be added.

Midi inspector in the Score editor.

True :wink:
Even if not specific to the Score Editor, but to all editors.

I’d expected changes in notation, symbols, expression maps and playback areas.

The midi inspector was not in the Score editor, and then it was, is what I mean.

That’s what I understood.
It sure is a new (and great) feature, even if it was not specifically made for the Score Editor.
I was talking more about pure score possibilities.

I like where this is going! Keep going!

Interesting thread
Keep up the good work Dorico team we know you will make it


Wow! What a useful comment!

Honestly, this is a fair and objective statement.
Dorico is an extraordinary achievement by the development team, with further enhancments coming in time.

Many want Dorico functionality within Cubase, and Cubase functionality within Dorico. Whatever the plan, it will be a long time coming.

At this point, as I’m getting up to speed with Dorico, I’m also doing a refresh of the Cubase Score Editor so that the best results occur when importing/exporting between the two.

Actually it is pretty solid device. Either folks can waste a lot of time speculating without any basis about something that may or may not happen a long time from now, or they can use the tools available right now to create something of value.

Hello folks, almost two years have passed now,

Can anyone shed a light on this question?