Score editor work flow

I have just started using the score editor. I am aware that the general feeling is that other dedicated score editors are preferable, but I am not about to pay out for any more software so I will make do with what I have.

Could I get some tips on what hot keys to set up to make a good workflow? How are people making it work for them?

That’s not actually a general thing.

Kind of difficult to make this kind of recommendation. I suggest you open the Key Command dialog, go to the Score folders and have a look through the commands to see what’s possible and /or what jumps out at you.

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After spending some time with it, I find it meets my needs very well.

Couple of questions:
Is it possible to change an existing note’s time value? I thought I could select the new value then shift click or something but it’s not that.

Is it possible to make a hot key to move the selected note up and down in pitch? I can’t find the option but might not be looking in the right place

Glad you took the time!

There are almost always more than one way to do something in Cubase, here are a couple.

  • change an existing note’s time value
    Edit info line (length)
    Set Quantize to desired length, hit Fixed Lengths

  • More advanced: Create Logical Editor presets and bind them to key commands. E.g., I have a couple that add/subtract a 16th from selected note lengths.

  • hot key to move the selected note up and down in pitch
    In the Score Editor, use the nudge commands: (these might not be the defaults)

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Perfect, thanks! The logical editor tip is great.

That’s the reason at the root of that “general feeling” you mentioned.
I noticed that most of the time, the people who criticize the Score Editor are those who have hardly ever used the program. :wink:

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I used score editor for years to make parts for players before finally taking the leap to Dorico. Score Editor works fine in general, but if you are needing to make parts look good for print then that’s whre you’ll need something else. But if you just need to whip together parts to put in front of a player it works fine.