Score Editor's print not working properly (beams, brackets, slurs, etc.) on Windows 7

Dear Steinberg,

The Score Editor’s print function hasn’t been working properly on Windows 7 since Cubase 9.5. Printing directly to printer, to Adobe PDF (or any other PDF driver) or Microsoft’s XPS Document Writer all result with the same problems in the visual output. I rely on the Score Editor a lot, in a professional surrounding, and I know I’m not the only one, but this glitch renders Cubase almost unusable to me. There’s a high urgency for this being resolved.

I’ve included some examples of how the output should look (printed to PDF on a MacBook Pro, OSX) and how it looks on Windows 7. (1.04 MB)
As you can see in the score Jabberwocky (Win 7), on the second page (m. 13) there are a lot of beams missing, and the ties are white inside (they should be entirely filled black). When you compare this to the score Jabberwocky (OSX) you quickly understand the problem.

In the score The Blacksmiths (Win 7) problems don’t start until the 3rd page, but from there on it’s pretty much the same as in the Jabberwocky score. Please compare it to The Blacksmiths (OSX) which is how it should look. These problems apply to all scores/projects in Cubase 9.5 and Cubase 10 on Windows 7. The problem lies with Cubase, not the printer or PDF drivers as all other notation software, even with the Adobe print to PDF function, give perfect visual output (Dorico, Finale, LilyPond, Sibelius, etc.).

I hope Steinberg will fix this problem soon, we have been waiting for a long time. Thank you for reading!