"Score error 9"

Does anybody have any info on this error message: “Score error 9” ?
No info anywhere on the net (that I can find).

I tried to submit this under the “Issues” forum, but the “Issues” forum is ‘locked’, and a link for submitting new issues leads to a “404” page (ie, page doesn’t exist). Any help available to report a new issue?

The problem, in a nutshell:
Large file, only 1 VST instrument (Ivory), all editing done in Score Editor. Many time signature and tempo changes, all done via the Tempo track. No problem at all, for months, until now: I changed one time signature (via tempo track) - no problem - then, when tried to change the time signature for the following bar, I received a “Score error 9” message. When I navigated back from the tempo track to the Score Editor, I saw that my Score cursor was gone (easily reinstated via Preferences/Score/Editing). That second time signature change DID show up, but Cubase very quickly produced a “Runtime error” message, and froze completely (I used Task Manager to end it.)

This problem recurred on every subsequent attempt (four more times) to repeat the same actions.

No plug-ins (other than Ivory VST) used on this file.
No other apps open in my computer during this episode.

While the score cursor problem was evidently universal (it affected other files, too – tho’ it was easily fixed, globally, via Preferences/Score/Editing), the “score error 9” and “runtime error” messages only happen with the particular file on which I was working – all other files are fine.

I’m on Windows 7 Pro, Intel quad core CPU, 32 GB RAM.

Thanks, in advance, for any tips.

(In the meantime, I will try to reconstruct that file anew.)

Other than checking to verify that the new time signaure is indeed at a valid position (check in the List Editor that there is no conflicting data), I’m afraid I cannot offer any further suggestion about the actual problem… but maybe you could try submitting your query to the “Issues” section of the Cubase 8 forum (further development of Cubase 7.x finished ages ago :wink: )
EDIT: One thing you could try… move your MIDI Part(s) to a brand new MIDI track (don’t just duplicate the track itself :wink: ).
You will of course lose any Layout data (but that might even be what was causing the problem in the first place :wink: )

Hi, Vic;

Thanks for your quick reply - I appreciate it!

I will take your suggestion and submit my query to (of course!) the Cubase 8 forum. :blush:

I salvaged my file by finding a .bak that had immediately preceded the time signature changes that precipitated this. I then very carefully tried to make those time signature changes again, but being careful to save under a new name after each successful change (!). Yes, the same problem recurred, but I’ve now narrowed it down to this particular (and very strange) factor:

The passage in question had changing time signatures in almost every bar; all those time signatures had the 16th note as lower number - except one, which was in 3/8. It was when I attempted to change a later bar from 6/16 to 3/8 that I again received the “Score error 9” message. There had been no problems changing a previous 4/4 into 9/16, 8/16, etc, etc.

Maybe Cubase’s engines just got fed up with all those difficult changes?? :wink:

I wonder if you could work around the problem by not actually changing the time sig from 6/16 to 3/8, (which really amounts to the same thing anyways :wink: ) but simply adding the signature graphically (from the Symbols>“Other” tab)

Thanks, Vic!

That’s what my workaround has been, since this began.

Actually, while I do my composing on Cubase (after first on paper and the piano), I don’t use it for the finished score – I use a dedicated music notation program for that. Still, it’s helpful when the time signatures in which I’m composing actually show up in the score editor, so . . . I’m hoping that this was a one-time event, and that it doesn’t happen in brand new files. I can’t see it being an actual ‘bug’, because it only appeared now.