Score font problem on MacOS Mojave

Cubase 11 on MacOs Mojave.

The score fonts in score editor don’t work correctly.
Please see this video example with a tremolo:

It seem Cubase load incorrect font (Petaluma, Bravura, etc.) when selecting by the Score settings menu.

I’ve tried to run in safety mode, completly delete Cubase and reinstall it, etc…nothing!
I’m goning crazy!

[EDIT]: This is what’s happen when I try to modify a symbol in Expression maps setup with Bravura font selected in Score Preferences:

Please help me!

Your Bravura font is almost ok (it appears a little too bold to my taste though).
Your Petaluma font appears as Classical.
Sorry I cannot help you with that, we’d need help from a Mac user.

Regarding the tremolo symbols for Bravura and Petaluma fonts, I also noticed that they are incorrectly placed. they should be centered on note stems. This one I will report.


Thanks very very much @Maestro !

I’ve just added an edit showing what’s happen whe I try to modify a symbol in Expression maps setup

I hope someone will help me because I use the score editor a lot, in some cases even to print scores and parts for real musicians.

The fonts are not installed, so you have to install them.

I edited the title to be more specific, maybe a Mac user will reply.

Thanks @steve !

I can found the fonts Bravura and Petaluma on Mac and on the same computer Dorico Pro 3.5 is installed and woks fine with the fonts…

I’ve found the fonts into package content.

Hope someone using Mac will help me.
Thanks very much!

I wonder… have you run Disk First Aid?

Is it a Font Cache problem?

Hi @steve Thanks a lot!

I wonder… have you run Disk First Aid?

Is it a Font Cache problem?

I just tried resetting the font cache and Disk First Aid is not reporting any problems.

But the problem is not solved.

The strange thing is that other software, including Dorico, find the fonts and load them correctly.
Cubase loads wrong fonts (Bravura instead of Petaluma, Calssical, etc.) and they are incomplete.

I can only suggest the generic troubleshooting step of launching Cubase via the Safe Mode Dialog

Or, a full reinitialization by renaming the User Settings folder. On Mac OS, “/Library/Preferences//” under your home directory.

Contacting support would be another idea.

Hi @steve , just done and the problem persists.

Contacting support would be another idea.

Yes, I’ll wrtite to them.

Thanks a lot!