Score in cubase

Does anyone know if with the score edit in cubase 6 can I work like the function Finale’s Humanize Playback? I’m trying that when I write in the score edit the midi notes respect the expression in the compass. For example, in a 4x4, first time hard, the second soft, the third hard and fourth soft.


Finale and Cubase both manipulate midi data and have score abilities but the similarities end there. Finale’s “Humanize Playback” adds both metric alterations and random alterations to the MIDI data. This is done automatically by the program and has very little user control. (maybe a Humanize percentage but that’s what I call very little control)

Cubase is a sequencer in the traditional sense. The note data is more flexible than in Finale but requires manual edits instead of the “turn it on, let the program do it” process in Finale. That being said, you can achieve the same effect and usually with better playback results.

Try to open the MIDI track in Piano Roll editor, select the notes, and apply various Logical Editor presets or Advanced Quantize settings. This will create the same type of inconsistencies heard in Finale’s Human Playback. This requires more work but gives you much greater control over every single note and every single parameter.