Score issue can't change voice of selected notes


Cubase 11 pro.

As described in the title, I can’t change the voice using the two ways showed in the manual.
1 - right click on the notes and move to voice x
2 - Ctrl + click on the voice in the tool bar

The polyphonic mode is set to 4 voices. The notes stay in voice 1.

It worked in Cubase 10.5


That’s curious!
Are you on PC or Mac?

I’m on PC
Windows 10 pro 1909 (18363.1500)

Could you please share here a project file showing this issue?
Even an empty project would probably suffice.

Here’s a project with one midi track.
I tried the same moves but the same problem occur.
erreur_partition.cpr (838.7 KB)


Ok, I took a look at your project.
It seems to be related to your drum map.

I found a way to correct this.

Do the following:

  1. In the Score Editor Score Settings set Staff Mode to Single. Apply
  2. Close the Score Editor
  3. In the main project window set the Drum Maps to “No Drum Map” for the track
  4. Open the Score Editor again from the part
  5. Switch Staff Mode to Polyphonic again
  6. Put back your drum map for the track

You should be able now to move your notes to different voices.


It works. Thank you very much!