Score: Key change vs Display Transpose bug?


I’m trying to do a moderately simple jazz score in Cubase 6 (MacBook Pro, OSX 10.6.7). It’s a rearrangement of a score done in Cubase VST 5.1 (imported and re-saved in Cubase SX2, then opened in Cubase 6).

It seems the score editor gets confused by Display Transpose in combination with Key changes:

  1. Open a fairly long MIDI track in the Score Editor (Page Mode).

  2. Make sure it is more than one page long.

At this point, the score is in the key of C - no fixed accidentals.

  1. Open Staff Settings and set a Display Transpose value (e.g. select Alto Sax, +9 semitones).

OK, the score is displayed in the key of A - three sharps.

  1. Insert a key change somewhere in the middle of the first page (e.g. change it to A flat).

After the key change, the score is displayed in the key of F - one flat. OK!

  1. Go to page two.

Here, the score is displayed in another key, all of a sudden. In this example, it’s shown as D major - two sharps. With other settings for display transpose and/or key signature, I get other, equally faulty results.

This is totally repeatable. Seems like a major bug to me, and basically makes it impossible to score key changes for horns and other transposing instruments. Or am I missing something?


PS This is my first post here - sorry if I’m unfamiliar with any posting conventions etc.

I can can confirm the bug… exactly like you describe it. (I tried also with different combinations of starting keys, display transpose settings, and inserted key changes… page #2 is always a surprise! :smiley: )
I am able to correct the situation by inserting a new key signature at the top of page #2 (but that certainly shouldn’t be necessary!)

(btw, perfect first post! :wink: )


/ lc


I had a look at this, and could reproduce it, of course - also found it in edit view.

Now, I haven’t finished my morning coffee yet, but… With “Key Changes for Entire Project” enabled the key sigs and display transpositions are consistent from page to page (and in edit view from screen to screen). Is that what you are looking for?

Hi Steve,
yes, you are right… with “Key Changes for entire Project” enabled, this problem does not occur… except that, surely this is precisely one of those instances where one would not want that option enabled! :wink: )


you’re right, the bug doesn’t seem to appear when that option is on!

Let’s just hope I don’t need to insert separate key changes for individual tracks anywhere…

thanks / lc

In reply to Vic_France: Actually, it’s OK to use the “Key Changes for entire Project” setting in my case. All key changes happen at the same place in the score, it’s only the Display Transpose settings that differ from track to track. And those are maintained, thankfully… It seems to work, for now.

I can see one occasion where “Key Changes for entire Project” would become a problem:
I’m writing for a small jazz band. While the horn parts follow the exact same structure, it’s not uncommon to make the structure more compact for the bass and piano parts, typically adding repeats, D’al Segnos and Da Capos. Then, the tracks for these parts will actually be shorter than the horn tracks, and the key changes don’t happen at the same positions in the time line.

But that’s a special case and can probably be worked around somehow.

thanks again / lc