Score level dynamics and markings

Apologies if this is documented but my searches aren’t finding it for me. Wondering if there’s a way to create a score level dynamic? Meaning enter a dynamic once for all instruments on all bars, except the ones that aren’t playing?

I can select all the rests in all the bars, but that will give the resting instruments a dynamic, but I want them to not be bothered obviously. They’re linked dynamics though which is a great feature, because it can be changed in once place. Anyhow I looked in the Engrave and Notate Rest options but nothing to this effect, it seems that all chosen players will get the dynamic, regardless of what they’re doing (playing or resting). But we can link new players into an existing linked dynamic so that’s really nice.

There is no automated way to do this in one shot.
ALT+Click is the easiest way to duplicate a selected expression/dynamic on multiple staves.

If most staves are adjacent, you can extend the caret across them and input the same dynamic on all those staves at once. But if even just one staff is non-adjacent to the rest, you’d need to copy to that and it might still be quicker just to Alt-click them all anyway.

This is also why having a shortcut for ‘Duplicate to Staff Above/Below’ is essential. Add your dynamics to one staff, then pom, pom, pom, pom, pom: and you’ve copied them five times.

If you’ve got an empty staff in the middle of those five, then use the key command for Move to Staff Below after creating the dynamics on the empty staff. So: pom, pom, pom, MOVE, pom, pom.