Score Note display does not update after editing


Cubase 11.0.41 on Mac here.
today, after recording midi parts, I’m experimenting an issue when trying to change displayed note length in score editor with the Note Editing Overlay feature.
Experimented on more than one Mac with different os, Monterey and Big Sure.
The problem appear when multiple parts are selected. If it works on a staff, trying to edit notes on another staff it does not change length. Sometimes, with a casual operation sequence, it works, then it does not work again.
Instead there are no problem if I work on a single midi part.

I think that this feature must work fine without problem when working on multiple staffs together in an arrangement with four or more parts.

If you need I have recorded.a video about the issue.


Could you please write step-by-step repro? Isn’t it just redraw issue? Does it become fixed, once you force the Score Editor window redraw?

1 - I record few measure of separate midi tracks, in my case are four;
2 - Select all midi part on the project window;
3 - open the score editor window and activate the Note Editing Overlay button;
4 - on the first upper staff I change the “displayed” duration on some note without problem;
5 - when I try to edit the duration of notes in the other staffs the displayed duration does not change, it jumps to its previous displayed value;

Yes, if I follow your workaround then, after forcing display update, also the other edited notes are displayed correctly, but it is not comfortably to redraw screen every time I edit a single note on other staffs.

No problem if I work on a single midi part inside the score editor, giving up working on multiple staves.

I think that this needs to be fixed for ensure a professional and comfortable work in Cubase.
As a Dorico user too, I know how useful is to work with this tool for compose inside the music production, I was very happy to see this tool in side Cubase.
Hope for a fix by Steinberg


The current workaround is to have a key command for the UPD button. It might help you get around until the problem is fixed.


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.