Score Order # for Horns is displaying wrong!

Hi, I am revising a piece that was performed not too long ago and came across this issue where my custom condensing was undone. I have my horns set to be listed 13, 24, and this is shown in my original final score (first image). But, today, as I was editing it changed to say 12, 34. All of my layout options, custom condensing, etc. shows it should still be my custom labelling!

I had made changes to the way I list the instruments (“F French Horn” instead of “French Horn in F”) and this seems to have changed the numbers. So the parts are still displayed correctly on the score, but the numbering was gunked up. I cannot find a way to manually display these numbers on the side as 13, 24 again. So, Horn 3 is stuck being shown as Horn 2 on the score, and Horn 2 is being shown as Horn 3 on the score. Infuriating! Please help! Crossposting to the Facebook Dorico group as well.

Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 10.49.48 PM

Have you tried dragging the Instruments to the correct Players?

The instruments and parts are all the same. If I did that, it would just rearrange the parts. The only thing that is messed up is the score now going down the list 1234. You can see my snippet of the old final score where it was working and the last image shows the weird namings. So the 3rd horn part will be displayed as “3rd part,” but on the score it is displayed as 2nd part :confused:

If you say that this is all as it should be with the wrong result, I think you’d best attach your project for someone to investigate more thoroughly (and quickly).

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Perhaps you misunderstood @DanielMuzMurray

Drag the instrument (white) FH2 onto the FH2 player card (dark grey). Then drag the FH3 instrument to the FH 3 player card.

This probably happened because the name was changed after the ordering of the players. Dorico automatically numbers (re-numbers in this case) and automatically sorted these as if this were newly created. (Just a guess).

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