score page titles = project name automatically

Is there a way to set up the Score settings so it automatically shows the instrument on the first staff and the page title automatically?

I want the score title to be centered and automatically be what ever the project is named.


This will, of course, involve setting up a “Default” Project template, which you will then use as your starting point for all your future Projects which require this.
The Default Project can eventually be almost empty… just an empty MIDI track is required, although you will also need a MIDI Part on it while setting up (you can later delete the MIDI Part, if you wish).

The Score Title is the easiest to do, so I’ll describe that first (but please do read the Cubase 7 manual, pg. 845, “Working with text”, especially pg. 852, “Page Text”) …

Create a Part on the MIDI track, and open it in the Score Editor.
Locate the “Page Text” icon, in the Score sidebar’s “Other” tab, right-click on it, and select “Insert into Project Layer”.
Now, left-click on it, and, when the pencil tool appears, click anywhere inside the main part of the Score window. A dialog box appears. It should be pretty well self-explanatory (for the main title, you’ll probably want “Show on First Page”, “Top”, “Center”, and set the font as desired.)
For the Title itself, now you’ve read the manual ( :wink: ), you’ll know how to create it such that it automatically shows the current Project name :stuck_out_tongue: (pg.853, “Inserting Variables”)…[o.k. I’ll make it simple… just type “%r” (without the inverted commas) ]
(don’t forget, when you have otherwise finished, to Save the Project as a Template. You can, as I said before, close and delete the MIDI Part before Saving… but don’t delete the MIDI Track!

So, as regards the Staff Name…
I’m afraid you will always have to set up something, when you open a new MIDI track (staff). Open the Score Settings dialog>Layout tab, and make sure that “Show Staff Names” is activated, but that “From Tracks” is not activated. Switch over to the Staff tab, and enter the desired name in Staff Names>“Long”. Leave “Short” blank, so that you see the name only on the first staff.

This is fantastic thank you.

Is there a way to make these settings for all midi tracks at once?

It seems that I need to do this procedure for all midi tracks individually. ?

Thanks again for the help.

Not before you have actually created the MIDI tracks, no.
But if you open all desired tracks simultaneously (i.e. a “grand staff”), then at least you can just go through all the individual staves in the Score Settings>Staff dialog, and get it over and done with :wink:.