Score pdf export problem

Hi guys,

i have a problem with exporting or printing scores to pdf with Cubase 7.5…No matter what i do, what resolution i select, they come out a bit blurry as if the resolution was to small for A4 printing… This happens both via the export menu and also via print->save as pdf .
If i export as an image file it works perfectly but i need pdfs not jpeg. I don’t have this problem in other daws, just in Cubase. One way i found it works is if i zoom the score up to 200% from the zoom menu. Then it prints ok but is this normal ? Shouldn’t it print correctly even if i have the zoom at 100%…

Thanks a lot if you could help !

Indeed, the screen zoom should have no bearing on printing.
How does it look if you print directly to paper?
Is the pdf even worse if you zoom out even further (e.g. 50%… just to test it :wink: )

Could you post your system specs please (especially, PC or Mac?)

There are known issues as regards printing on Mac (they are, effectively, bitmaps rather than vector). But, as regards pdf, this affects more the size of the pdf file rather than its resolution.

Hi Vic,

thanks for your reply !

Yes , indeed i’ve printed directly to paper and its looking good and sharp ! (100 resolution selected) Very weird because i still have that problem when previewing the pdf on my computer… Im on a 3.1 Mac Pro (8 core Xeon, 16gb ram) running latest update of Cubase…Well , as long as they print fine i guess it’s ok, although i would of been nice to have that sharpness when opening the pdfs too… (without having to select 200 zoom and have a bigger file).