Score - placement of dashes in lyrics?

When entering lyrics for multi-syllable words the syllables are separated by a dash. Usually this works as expected with the dash basically centered between syllables. However on occasion the dash appears in the wrong place. Additionally there doesn’t seem to be anyway to manually move the position of the dash while leaving the actual text where it is.

The attached image shows an example. In the top staff the dash on the word enough is properly located. However in the staff below the dash is further right inside the next syllable. In both cases the lyrics were added in exactly the same way by using the "insert lyrics’ button on the Text Tab in Score Settings. Also if I double click on the impacted lyric and type in “e-” I end up with the same result. As you can see the Don’t Center Hyphens option is unchecked. I really wish there was a way I could just drag the dash to where I want it.
score dash spacing.JPG

Wow, I don’t recall seeing that before!
Does it happen on random occasions, or is there some kind of “logic” to it?
If all else fails, the only thing I can suggest is to delete the dash from the “e” lyric altogether, then insert a separate dash as regular text at the desired position.

Good idea for a workaround Vic. Looking more closely it seems to happen often for multi-syllable words, but not always. However most of the time the time the dash will be later than it should, but not end up stuck in the following text. And it seems confined to parts on a specific track.This is easy to see where I have 2 parts/tracks singing the same words.

But the situation is even stranger. I opened the messed-up part in the Key Editor and noticed that none of the notes showed text on them. Then I discovered that when I selected a note, in either the Key or Score Editors, the text field on the info line was empty (on the good track all was normal). So the notes don’t seem have lyric text associated with them even though the text is clearly visible in the score and if I move a note’s horizontal position in the Score Editor the text also follows the move - yet the text field on the Info Line is still empty.

This isn’t confined to this one song either. I’ve been seeing it occur on-and-off for awhile on both my old and new DAW. So I’ve had a clean install of Cubase and the issue persists.

As you can see in the attached the dash on “enough” is stuck inside the text while the dash in “Baron” is in the whitespace but more to the right than it should be compared to the top part. And the dash following “ex” seems to be properly placed. Also notice that the note above “Bar” is selected but the Text Field is blank.
dash spacing 2.JPG

raino, have you tried different fonts?

I hadn’t, but just did. It didn’t make any difference. This only seems to occur when the lyric shows up in the score, but is not shown on the info line when its associated note is selected - like in the image on my previous post.

Meh. Worth a try. We need a PC user to try to repro this.

Yeah, but I can’t even describe how to make this happen. Most of the time it all works as expected and then once in awhile this problem occurs. It can even be in the same project where one track is fine and the other is not. :confused:

Argh. Worst-case troubleshooting scenario. If you feel like posting a project it might be interesting to see what happens if Vic or I open it on a Mac.