Score Preface

Hi everyone,

I am working on a score that needs a preface (with the instrumentation, techniques used in the score and other performance notes). To my understanding, I would need to use Master pages, but I am very confused as to how to use them, and also how to write my preface with them.
If anyone can help it would be amazing!

Thank you!

please see

Or for a written tutorial: Working with master pages in Dorico, part 1 - Scoring Notes

Amazing !!! Thank you so much!

Is there also a video for using fonts? I need to put symbols (such as a fermata) on one of my index pages to explain my use of those fermatas in the score.

Look up the symbol on the SMuFL website. Hold symbols are hereโ€ฆ

Then use the unicode token. For example {@U+E4C0@} for the first fermata on that page.

I see! thank you !