Score Print problem

From the Page Mode in Score Editor, I’m using the Print function, to save (all pages) as pdf, but the files are corrupt and won’t open in any of my pdf reader. Any ideas? It has worked before…

What pdf print driver are you using?

Looks like it is “MIcrosoft print to PDF” in my print dialog box. I’m not sure if the dialog box is related to my computer OS or what. Either way, it has worked before, but no longer seems to work.

That’s the right one, so it should work. Check your page layout settings. I am not sure this is a Cubase problem. Since your OS and other system details are unavailable to the forum, except that you’re using Cubase 10.5, there’s not much else I could tell you, except to make sure everything is up to date.

Please post a pdf output of your score here so we could take a look.

Sorry for the delay. I tried to attach the pdf but it won’t because the file size is 0. Here are some screen shots of the print process.
printer dialog (2)
Screenshot (247)

p.s. The Export (Score as JPeg) woks fine.

Attach your Cubase project cpr file then.
Not necessarily your real project but a dummy cpr file showing the issue, that will be enough.

One idea that came to mind. This may have started after I purchased and installed Microsoft Word (and Office). I noticed the Cubase rejected a bunch of Microsoft “plug-ins” after I did the Word install.

Is there a different PDF save option that I can figure out besides the “Microsoft Print to PDF” option I see in the printer dialog??

I saw the screenshots you posted earlier. I suspect a font issue or corruptions in your score.
Create a new empty project and score and try to print.

You’re right. Well done. The new score was fine.

How do I determine where the problem is in my score font (or other potential culprit)?

The only way is to proceed by elimination.

Thanks for the tips. I tracked it down. When I put in a Cubase Score Lyric, using the PMingLiU-ExtB font, it causes the problem. This is a pretty big issue, because I use a preset “Word” button in the score inspector with a word that indicates an articulation that I use EVERYWHERE in my scores (using that bad font). It would be an incredible amount of work to change all those articulation words (which are actually lyrics with the font).

Please please help me figure out how to reload/reset the PMingLiU-ExtB font (or find another other solution).

bad slash lyric