Score printing problem: as of page 2

Using Windows 1803. I noticed in the print outs that as of page 2 and onward the printer spits out double lines in stems, staves and bar-lines making things fuzzy, even unreadable.
Having taken a look at the pdf I noticed it was generated that way. When exporting the same material with the same pdf writer form Cubase 9.5 everything is okay.

I’ve prepared an xml track archive to test with:
Pdf output from Cubase 9.5 (sharp as a knife):
Pdf output from Cubase 10 (ugly):

I have to say this is a major issue to me, what has changed in Cubase 10? How can I fix this?

When printing the score directly to a printer the same issue occurs

I don’t know what the problem could be, and I’m not seeing the problem myself.

Is that a polyphonic staff?

It is a polyphonic staff only showing voices 1,2.
I’ve tried several pdf writers, (Microsoft, Bulzip) several paper formats, several print DPI resolutions, all with the same result.
Last year I’ve produced some 1000 A4 pages scores and parts fine with Cubase 9 and 9.5, and now this.

Even when you take a empty factory scoring template, say big band layout and print that, issue occurs the first staff of page 2 (on A4) , bar rests seem to be have a vertical offset compared to page one, finishing bar line seems to be 4 separate lines compared to page one, and so on. And it prints that way.

As an experiment I did replace the graphics2d.dll with the version of Cubase 9.5 (knowing that this is not the way to go) but all projects print okay now.
I seriously urge you guys to have a review of what work has been done in that part of the code.

Well, I was able to reproduce, and it’s strange- I tested a file that I printed Dec 7 and compared it with todays output of the same file, Looking at them side by side, the one from Saturday is fine, but the one from today shows the issue. Looking at it at high magnification reveals more miscalculated drawing. Maybe this is the result of an interaction with a Windows update.

I’ve reported it, if you want to open a support ticket mention report CAN-19825.

Your workaround might be fine, there’s also Export Score on a page by page basis which works.

edit: here, Cubase won’t start if I do the graphics2d.dll file swap.

Thanks again very much Steve, for thinking this over with me

I received word that this will be fixed in the next update.

The issue seems to have been resolved in Cubase 10.0.10, thanks again.