Score question - calculate Rests

Maybe this is a feature request, but is there any way to force Cubase to calculate appropriate rest periods for a given bar?

There seems to be a great many rests for differing numbers of beats per bar and it seems quite inconsistent, as sometimes I can drag them away and at other times I cannot but there is no defined place for them and often they are masked by other notes.

My question: is this by design?

This is precisely what it does.

As apparently you work in Page Mode, use Auto Layout/Move Bars function to get proper spacing.
Besides you can move any rest anywhere in the bar and beyond (in Page Mode).


I am new to this feature but I’d have thought something like Auto Layout would position the rests automatically, since obviously they are necessary otherwise I’d be able to remove them, would I not?

I am moving the bar lines to obtain spacing and that is nice but I’d also have thought that it would have some kind of wrapping function as well.

As for the moving rests, there seems to be limits on where they can actually be placed, even across staves but I guess it’s visual as well and as I am not a Pianist or Keyboardist, I will have to see how my score(s) are interpreted by a qualified person.

Thank you

:question: isn’t that what it does for you ?
And when you move the bars everything should move accordingly with automatic spacing.

I don’t know what you are trying to achieve, maybe free rhythm scores, but don’t forget that the Score Editor is not a graphic only program. Notes and rests have a MIDI meaning and need to be correctly placed in the score. You can move elements freely but to some extent. The score needs to match the MIDI notes entered in Cubase and their playback.
You cannot simply remove rests, they’re created automatically and logically. Though you can hide them manually.

Isn’t your final goal to make your score intelligible and playable by a real performer ?


Thank you so much.

I reset the layout and used Auto Layout and it has fixed all my problems.