Score Templates

I need to start to build a number of Orchestral Layout Templates (with some specific house styles defaults), largely, but not exclusively, for Film/TV/Theatre (yes I know there a features in this area coming with subsequent releases). Having searched this forum, I can find nothing on this subject. So:

Where are the existing Dorico Templates stored on a Mac OS? - I have looked in /Library/Application Support/Steinberg (see image file), but clearly they are not here, and I can find no reference to a separate Dorico folder i.e. /Library/Application Support/Dorico (or similar)

Can I create additional template folders? - eg. Film, Theatre etc as well as adding additional templates to the existing folders (Orchestral, Band, Chamber, Choral and Vocal, Solo).

Clearly, any templates need to sit in a very specific place on my computers/network

Dorico doesn’t yet have support for user score templates, though it’s likely that we’ll add in the future. In the meantime I think the best approach is to set up scores as you wish (minus the music) and save to a ‘templates’ directory. When you want to create a score from one of those templates, just open the template and do Save As.

Thanks Paul for a quick reply - that’s fine, the fact that Dorico does not currently support score templates is OK, it’s just important to know this, so that we can find an alternative solution. Your suggestion above was indeed going to be my temporary/alternative solution/work around, but I look forward to the release in due course where this has been implemented.

If I recall correctly, you can set up any kind of file to be a template in OS X, so that opening that file via the Finder will always pro,or the user to Save As. This would be the quickest workaround, perhaps.

In Windows, you can set your “template” file to be read-only. This will prevent accidentally saving over it. In some programs, trying to save over a Read-only file automatically brings up the Save As dialog. Dorico is not one of these. It simply gives a save error. Even so, using the Read-Only option is a decent way to have a Template file.

I did some searching about and I don’t think this is true. You can, like the post above, “lock” a file (ie- make it read only) which should have the same effect as the previous post. I think I will try this.