Score: temporarily indicating 8vb?

I’ve got a piano part where the right hand drops pretty low for a few bars with way too many ledger lines. I’d like to have it notated an octave higher and have text above showing “8vb…” But I can’t see how to temporarily change the display without also effecting the playback. Display Transpose in Settings would do it for the entire part, but not just a couple of bars. I could also change to a treble-8vb clef (and skip the text), but that doesn’t seem right for just a handful of notes.

well, you can use a bass clef on right hand for that moment

Score Symbols Sidebar>“Line / Trill” palette. Two symbols available there… 8va and 15va. And, if you start drawing the line from underneath the desired notes, they change to 8vb and 15vb, respectively :wink:.

Thanks Vic. Exactly what I was looking for. I had even looked at that specific pallet and didn’t see the symbols. Although in my defense they are a bit hard to read - or perhaps I should get my glasses prescription checked. :ugeek:

Awesome, I was looking for 8vb, but didn’t realize the va transforms depending on placement.