Score to MIDI

I know I can cover MIDI to a score, but can I do it the other way round. i.e. write the score into the editor and get it transferred to a MIDI track? I am only talking about a single instrument track.

Since the score editor is just one of several edit views for a midi track, I guess you ask something else than what it looks like.

You can’t even open the score editor without having a Midi part and everything you do in the score editor is stored in the Midi part(s) you are editing.

So you don’t need to transfer anything - you are working with a midi track all along.

I don’t have a MIDI track, I just have the music. Thanks, but I guess I cannot do it.

Somehow I think we misunderstand each other. What do you mean by “I just have the music”. Let me guess that you only have music somewhere else or maybe on an Audio track in Cubase? And you want to write that music into a score in Cubase and get a Midi track as a result.

You say that you don’t have a Midi track.
I say that you must create an empty Midi track and create an empty Midi part on that track. Then you open the score editor (for that track) and write the score into it. The result of your editing will be stored on the Midi track you created.
So now you have a Midi track.

It is impossible to even open the Score Editor if you don’t have a MIDI Part selected. It will be greyed out.

As others say, you need to learn how to use Score Editor. In fact, MIDI and digital score in Cubase will be co-created ( if I can use this word) simultaneously.

There are also other terms that are misleading… “In this lesson/video, you will learn how to score for a movie!”, then there is no score just the music.