Score vs Parts

This my end up being a simple solution…that I have missed. When I add text to a part that I …do not…want in the score …they appear in the score anyway. What is the correct method of separating text input from Score…and/or vice versa. I am also curious if there is a hierarchy in the system that permits this in Dorico…like…just text input that transfers versus dynamic indicators…etc.? Also…does it make a difference if I text input the term Adagio…vs…clicking in the right hand panel to input…is there a Dorico preferred method.

Are you perhaps referring to system text? You input it using Shift-Alt-X. It displays once on the top staff of each layout.

If you want text to display in a particular part but not in the score at all, then I’m afraid you’ll need to create a duplicate part for that purpose. Use one of the parts for the score layout, and the other duplicate part (with the text) for the part layout.

Adagio would be entered using Shift-T (or from the side panel). No difference, though I always recommend people use the popover, not the mouse!

There’s always the workaround of dragging the text off the page, Dan.

Oooo… sketchy but I like it.

Surely less sketchy than breaking the relationship between part and score…