Score zoom = bug (?)


with N12.0.20 I display score editor.
I select “Fit Width” or any value in % on the score editor
Coming back to the main view result in mouse (click zoom and scroll) not working.
have to close the score editor with ctrl+W for mouse to work again…
Am I doing something wrong ?

I don’t understand this line of your description.
What do you call “main view”?

And " click zoom and scroll".
Do you mean: click not working, zoom not working, and scroll not working?

I wanted to make a video to show… but I realised that it only happens if the score page is on a second screen. So in this video you see when I resize the score I come back to the main window (I think that’s how steinberg call this window ?) and I try to clic on background, events, ruler to select anything or move the timeline but nothing work. I can still use the keyboard and press play but not the mouse.
I have to go to score editor and CTRL+ W to close it (again mouse doesn’t work)
then I can go back to main window and click around or select things.

I see. I can reproduce it here. I isolated the problem and will report it to Steinberg tomorrow.
The issue is due to the zoom and ruler units button (arrow down) only.

In the meantime in order to avoid this issue, instead of using the button at the top of the right scrollbar, you can just right-click in the ruler to bring up the zoom pop-up menu.

Furthermore, if you still insist on using that button :roll_eyes:, I found out that to unlock the main project window (and the rest of the GUI) you can just click outside Cubase and return to it, or, open/ close the Right or Left Zone … things like that.

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I didn’t know about other techniques I just had followed a tutorial using that button. thx i’ll use the ruler.

I cannot reproduce here, though I did observe that it takes a second mouse click on the Project View to “release”.

So I think there must be more to this repro than:

  • With Score editor in page mode on a different screen than the Project window, click on the ruler drop down menu.

There are ways to unlock the affected windows but here I’m not able to do that with a second click as you said. The easiest way is to click outside Cubase to unfreeze the GUI.