score ?


i bought nuendo recently leaving cubase.
and today i want to edit a score. i press ctrlR and nothing happen.
i go to EDIT menu and i find no “open score” :cry:
i search in shortcuts any reference to “score” and find nothing !
i go to manual and read :
“To open one or several parts in the Score Editor, select the parts (on the same or on different tracks) and select “Open Score Editor” from the MIDI menu or “Open Selection” from the Scores menu. The default key command for this is [Ctrl]/[Command]-[R]”

why the hell can’t i find the score editor ?
thx for help

omg i found it. i could not even think it was possible :
Nuendo 6 Expansion Kit features at a glance
1600€ and you don’t have a stupid score editor ? :laughing: not sure that’s funny
249€ ??? !!! are you kidding ? what if you bought cubase? i bought all these retrologues etc i don’t use because they sound crap i only want the score editor. Do you get that expansion for free ?
(can’t belive i’m working with nuendo and cubase at the same time … :neutral_face: )

Man, you are not the only one thinks that this policy is absurd.
Welcome to the ancient area where people do not deserve to be answer properly.