Scores pages with images still don't print

Below is a support ticket that I just admitted about a bug that hasn’t been solved since Cubase 10.5. Does anyone have the same problem and maybe a solution?

I’ve been reporting this issue since Cubase 10.5. I’ve upgraded form Cubase 11 Pro to Cubase 12 Pro. After 2 years the bug is still there. How is this possible? It used to work fine on Cubase 10.

Tickets submited since march 2020:
[#266701], [#269301], [#283952], [#299388], [#309055], [#342938], # 351954, [#262254], [#358501], [#358494].

A copy of my last Ticket ([#358494], december 2020):

When I print a page from a score with an image (in my case my company logo) inserted it doesn’t print. If I remove the image the page prints fine. I attached a file with a score of several pages. If you print it you’ll see that just the page with the logo is not printed. This problem started in Cubase 10.5. I addressed the problem in a earlier support ticket. The response was that this bug would be fixed in the next version of Cubase 11. But the bug is still there. This is very important to my work as a arranger. Can you please solve this asap?

Can you guys please solve this problem asap?

Best Regards,

Asis Bajnath.
A4Q Productions.

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