Scores & production: Cubase 12 vs?

Hi there,

I would appreciate your comments and thoughts on an optimal choice for a composer who needs a DAW (on Windows) to finalize their projects that are started in Dorico (or similar notation software).

The most valuable features of this DAW will be:
a) an excellent compatibility with Kontakt, IK Multimedia (Miroslav), and E&W Play engines/VSTi-s,
b) an integrated score editor,
c) an excellent compatibility with various expression maps,
d) a user-friendly interface that makes inputting articulations and changing MIDI parameters a breeze.

How does Cubase 12 compare with numerous other DAWs on the market in terms of the criteria above?
I would especially like to hear from those who are currently switching from another DAW to Cubase 12, or have recently done so.

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Either Cubase or Studio One.

Studio One has better and more intuitive expression map / articulation management though. Otherwise they both do what you need.

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Thanks, nogills!