Scoring 4 voices

I am reposting as the first time I forgot to check email reply notification and there seems no way to edit once posted.

I created a 4 part harmony for a song, according to voice leading rules.
I want to display the midi score as standard, 2 staves each with one voice up and one down.

I had to move the lower 2 voices to the lower staff.
When I choose the polyphonic preset for optimizing 4 voices, it has 1,2 and 5,6.
I managed to get the treble with the stems going the right way,by assigning voices to 1 and 2, but the bass clef voices are connected to to the treble.
There is no choice for voices 3 &4 and if I choice 5 or 6 then the note jumps off the clef entirely to the next treble clef. Neither can I separate those voices stems, both going the same way.

If instead of using the preset, I choose voices 3&4, then it puts all 4 voices on a treble clef with no lower bass clef. If I assign a voice to 3 or 4, it moves to the next treble clef.

If I try variable split then it moves the notes in a way that makes no sense.

Seems no matter what I try, I can’t get the standard notation for 4 part vocal harmony.

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