Scoring documentation. Pickup bar

The manual says:

Pick-up Bar
Activate this to define a time signature and the number of beats for a pick-up bar.

(Cubase_Pro_Score_12_Score_Layout_and_Printing_en.pdf — WebHelp Version)

1 ) I don’t think the Pickup Bar option works. Has anyone used it so far?
2 ) Is it “Pickup” (as in the UI dialog) or “Pick-up” (as in the documentation)?

It does work.

For example if you want the song to be in 3/4 time signature, but the first bar should only be one quarter note in length:

  • Edit the time signature in first bar to 1/4
  • Add a 3/4 time signature in the second bar
  • Add e.g. a quarter note in the first bar, and a half note and a quarter note in the second bar
  • Activate pickup bar for the 1/4 time signature

Result: The 1/4 time signature in the first bar is replaced by the actual 3/4 time signature the song is in, but the length of the first bar is only a quarter note. The 3/4 time signature in the second bar is removed.