Scoring documentation. "Zoomed to fill the window"

The manual says:

Drag a rectangle with the Zoom tool to set a custom zoom factor. The section encompassed by the rectangle is zoomed to fill the window.

(Cubase_Pro_Score_12_Score_Layout_and_Printing_en.pdf — WebHelp Version)

I think “the Score Display” would be better (the rectangle is zoomed to fill the Score Display).

Hm. This is clear to me as a native English speaker.

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Even though it’s clear, it’s incorrect. Notice how the manual describes the middle/center zone of the window (no. 5). Moreover, if the score editor by itself is a window, how can you say (Not you. The manual) that “a section is zoomed to fill the [score editor] window”?

  1. Score Display
    Shows the notes in the edited parts on one or several staves. Parts on different tracks are shown on different staves.

you’re really picking nits here…

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I don’t want the manual changed. I just like to give feedback (and eventually see how others think). Admit it, “Score Display” is better. Admit it! :smiling_imp: