Scoring Express, Hiding Empty Staves

I don’t know if this is a good place to get support for this, but I’m trying anyways since I saw @pianoleo mention these…

I’m using the Jazz Lead Sheet (New Real Book) template. I loaded a piano as the instrument as I need to be able to show melody and bass parts. But there’s a lot of wasted space where the melody isn’t playing, or bass is repeating and therefore unnecessary.

But when I use the Hide Empty Staves (set to All Systems) option form Layout Properties, it’s not making the change.

I know you can’t full tell from this screen cap, but the top system, upper staff is completely empty, but even with these settings, that upper staff is still visible. Worth mentioning, I have applied the changes.

Any idea what’s overriding Hide? Or am I just doing it wrong?

Thanks for any help!

Dorico has a limitation, namely that when chord symbols are set to show between the staves of grand staff instruments, the top staff cannot be hidden (because the chord symbols are internally stored below the top staff). This limitation applies regardless of whether the project actually contains any chord symbols.

Change this Layout Option and you should be good to go:

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Thanks Leo!